About Us

VNNanomaterials Innovation is a consulting company made up of internationally recognized academics, leaders in the field of nanomaterials, science and applications.

Prof. Valeria Nicolosi, Scientific Director of VNNanomaterials Innovation, has more than 15 years of experience working in industry and academia with nanomaterials. Our broad range of skills and expertise together with our deep knowledge and vast experience in nanomaterials can offer solutions to complex materials problems.

We can help companies, universities and government institutions to develop nanomaterials-related technologies, strategies, partnerships, products, R&D, training and funding.

We know how to provide the highest level of solutions quickly and cost effectively. The team at VNNanomaterials Innovation is serious about providing practical advice and solutions at the pace of industry. Also, we are always mindful of the privacy and confidentiality demanded by our clientele. Our huge experience in all aspects of science, R&D and academic and industrial environments make us able to offer a vast range of services, which in addition to pure scientific advice includes, the organization of tailored training programs, assistance in proposal writing, project management, etc.